Zzzzz the last but not least

This commitment for the month of April to blog came out of the blue for me.  A real beginner at the writing genre and calling myself a writer, I felt the #BloggingAtoZChallenge would be a perfect start for me.  It was a challenge to say the least.  Today is our last letter and our last challenge day.  It is a bittersweet moment.  I have been introduced to so many amazing bloggers.  The visitors to my blog have widened my world.  Thank you!!  To those who have completed this challenge We Rock!!

file0001969012862ZZZZzzzzz, the sound of someone sleeping.  Oh the sweet disturbing confirmation of no one being present to us.  It is a conundrum.  Do we stop the misery, our misery, and wake them from their slumber?  Do we nudge just ever so slightly in hopes of their own awakening?  Perhaps the pillow will dull the sensations but alas we are disappointed.  Why is the only symbol for someone sleeping ZZZzzzz?  Is it  significant as the last letter of the alphabet?

This word, if we seriously call it that, is so representative of life events that can alter lives.  It destroys relationships.  It is not exclusive.  Holds no prejudice, lacks humor (well for some) and has been known to arrive at decibels off the richter scale.


file0001104767429It has a softer side.  The faint sound of our babies sleeping.  Their soft murmur brings us twinges of a deep love.  As we gaze upon the face of someone sleeping there is a tenderness, a sense of departure, and wishfulness.  We innately know they have gone somewhere without us.  They can’t be followed.  Watching we long to engage in our journey.  The journey that awaits us when we sleep.  Upon all our sleeping faces is the events of our nightly journeys.


For so many, the sounds emitted, reflect a language unlike no other and we wish they would just shut-up and keep it to themselves.

Adeiu, Farewell, Buenas Noches, I hope your time spent here with me has not led to ZZZZZzzzzz.  Thank you for visiting.  I will continue writing.  It seems I have a knack.