Writing about writing …

I was invited to participate in a Blog Tagging event. Since my writing has really slowed down I thought this would be a great motivator. It did more than that ūüôā

I thank Sora Garrett at The Shine Connection  for her piece on Writing about Writing (click the Shine Connection link), the invite, and the nudge to return to my writing.

What are you currently working on?

A book, can you believe it?¬†¬†I never thought I would be writing a book. ¬†I was always the oOld fashioned vintage typewriterne who saw that talent, that ability in others and prompted them to be the writers. ¬†Apparently I have a book or two in me waiting to be written. ¬†I also have a “journal” on my website www.tericonnolly.com that I do post in pretty regularly. It is where I share my¬†deep philosophical and spiritual musings. I really enjoy sharing that part of me.

How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

My work differs because I share very intimate, naked pieces of me. I share my vulnerability mixed with very dry humor. ¬†I am so very new to all of this “writing” that I really don’t know my genre ūüôā ¬†Which takes me to the next question…

Why do you write what you write?

I write because I was always a storyteller verbally sharing anecdotes of life as examples of being human and to help others. I hesitated to use writing to express those stories mainly because I never thought of myself as a writer ~ storytellers don’t write I thought. Now I know writers are storytellers. I have also found that writing connects me to a higher deeper essence of myself that expresses through me. I learn just as much from my writing as others have expressed they have learned. Writing is now¬†a part of me. I have fun and feel energized by the process especially completing a piece.

Describe your writing process.

My writing process is very simple. I sit at the computer, ask for a subject, and then get out of the way of the higher deeper essence that expresses through me. When I am done writing I am always amazed at what has been written!! ¬†I started my book by looking at a naked urn sitting on the patio at the home I was renting. ¬†I picked up my pencil and words just tumbled out. ¬†This process is the same for everything I have written. ¬†I do get ‘blocked’ and find nothing flowing. ¬†It is then that I have to write out deliberate thoughts unclogging the hollow bone.


Now I get to share 3 other writers with you!  Stay tuned you are going to love them!




To swing or not to swing should never be a difficult question!  Try to remember the first time your mother placed you on that yellow bucket swing and her push released you into the open blue sky!  Remember the first time you sat on your mothers lap with her arm around you as she pushed off into the open blue sky?  Push me, push me you would yell!  After a bit you grew brave and stood up pumping higher and higher.   What is it about swinging that thrills everyone?  Is it the motion and freedom?  The imagined worlds you can go to or the dare to see how high you can fly as the seat gives a jig on the backward rise, perhaps it is the ultimate dare to jump off the swing as it propels you forward?

As you grew older did you lose you desire to swing or did you sneak off to swing and ponder your developing philosophy?

I still love to swing.  Spying a playground with a set of swings I will stop and throw my cares to the wind.

But there is another kind of swing I love just as much.  It is swing dance.  Born of WWII parents we were encapsulated in their dance styles.  Taking turns with our dad we learned some basic steps dancing to Glenn Miller each Saturday night in the kitchen.  Those evenings led me to pursue a dance major followed by a lifetime of dancing.  I can tell you it is the motion, the music, the thrill of combining the two that brings me back every time.  I do believe my dad still dances and will be waiting to take me on a spin across the floor when we meet again!



It is finally early spring!   What was the first outside activity we all had great fun with after a long winter?

How often do we allow our child-like innocence expression? ¬†Think of someone you admire and marvel do they relish their innocence? ¬†Allowing themselves to soar through life with abandonment to the simple joys present daily? ¬†Even with our children are we allowing them time to express delight at all the stages of their life? ¬†Are we pushing them too hard to success early? ¬†Can they make a kite from scratch? ¬†Can you? ¬†The simple art of kite making and flying is the ability to use our imagination. ¬†Creating joy through the perfection of artistic freedom. ¬†It isn’t about creating a perfect kite. ¬†No, it is about creating through expression of self. ¬†When was the last time you made something very simple from scratch?

Kites remind us of freedom and delight.  Today seeing kites is rare.  Why?  Advancement does not replace spontaneity, joy, childhood, and delightful expression in freedom.  A very simple life brings deep joy, healing, and wisdom.

Take time today and go fly your kite!




Dance forever

“May I have this dance?” reaching out his hand to me, I trembled with a nervous excitement. ¬†Dad had helped me to learn the few steps necessary. ¬†I never really imagined anyone would come and actually ask me. ¬†Stuttering my acceptance I reached for his hand rising as if I had lead feet I found myself jerking towards the dance floor. ¬†Gracefully he returned me to my seat, thanking me for the dance and moving on to the next girl. ¬†Excited from completing a task well practiced I was surprised to see how I felt. ¬†Invigorated, twinkling, elated¬†I marveled at the complexity of emotions. ¬†The desire to continue to twirl was so overpowering. ¬†Concerned I would slip and succumb to my inner urges I excused myself from the dance. ¬†Standing outside I danced in the moonlight releasing the emotions to the world. ¬†I trembled afterwards and knew¬†that what had just happened opened me to a very special place. ¬†It was a secret place deep within me.

Hearing the music call me I returned hoping to be invited to the dance floor once again. ¬†It wasn’t long before the invitation arrived. ¬†Music reverberates through the room requesting I return to my secret place. ¬†Darting glances at the others on the floor, hoping to receive permission, I noticed the boy across from me was dancing with abandon. ¬†My body moves in response to him. ¬†Raw ancient excitement fills me granting permission to myself I spin and move to the music. ¬†Smiling we move in sync enjoying the communion. ¬†Together we return to my seat, ‘how did you learn to dance like that? You are fantastic. ¬†Could you teach me?’ breathlessly he asks. ¬†Amazed at his statement I begin to giggle a reply of my 2 weeks of lessons with my dad. ¬†He shakes his head, ‘well you are really good’, and wanders to the next chair.

Heading home I relinquish any doubt that this newly found desire can be squished back into the unknown.  I have discovered that dance is me.  It is a way to express myself, to connect to something I can feel but has no name, and allows me a connection to myself .  Now the question is how can I get more?

Discover the wealth of adventure, the mystery of intrigue, the spontaneity of self, and the delight of laughter in dance.  One can through dance find an inner connection to self.

Move it baby, move it! ¬†Don’t let anything delay you! ¬†Keep that rhythm, keep that soul! ¬†Take it deeper!