Pause and Quench

Good morning – I missed posting my word for P due to pain in my back and my inability to sit for any length of time.  Today I decided to combine my two letters for my post ~ Pause and Quench.


Seldom do we allow ourselves to really pause in our daily life.  It is as if our Type A ancestors genetic makeup has blossomed into a full fledge robotic life for us.  Driven by a need to stave off death and destruction our ancestors hitched a ride from their homeland to the new world.   A place where they thought they could find peace, happiness, and safety.  For the most part everyone found something.  There were thousands who were  forcibly taken from their homes and forced into a life they hadn’t chosen; a life of slavery.  Many found themselves in a life of failure and isolation and many did discover a new start yet not necessarily a 5 star life.  All of them created anew and birthed generations that still carry the desire for peace, happiness, and safety.

With all the knowledge that has been unearthed for us in the 21st century in America there is still a large resistance to pausing daily to quench ourselves.  Many of us have a daily religious practice that has been effective in showing a path to reflection and the abundance of peace, happiness, and safety by pausing to quench our souls.  There are still many who rush through their daily life on their way to attainment never pausing, never quenching their deeper essence.

How difficult is it to incorporate these two words, this habit into your life?  Is it really something that takes hours out of your routine? Is your desire to accumulate and complete your list of daily tasks so long, so intensive that a pause to hear the spring birds, smell the freshly mowed lawn, feel the rain, or listen to the snow fall completely impossible to allow?  Does the ability to curve your lips upwards create such pain within that you cannot smile as you pass each person you meet?


Pausing and quenching yourself and others can become a trait of the Type A personality.  If it makes it easier for you to incorporate this action, to add it to your list, it has been proven to increase your ability to accomplish more tasks.  It has also been shown to intensify your sense of accomplishment of peace, happiness, and safety.

Starting today, pause just once and allow the beauty and uniqueness of today to quench your soul and add a little bit of fun into your pursuits.  And don’t just stop there.  Make P&Q a daily practice in your Type A life.   It just might alter your future generations and bring a big smile to your ancestors.

Pause and quench…. ahhhhhhhhh!