About pages are always the most difficult to write for me.  What am I about?  I am pretty much about everything that isn’t standard; don”t follow celebrities, don’t watch TV except NPR, am generally 10 years behind on the music scene, although I do dress current!

Actually, I love life. All of it!  Ups downs inside out and back again.  My spirituality is my passion.  I really really resonate with soul work.  And I am one of those who works on all those button pushing events.  I look at those as learning tools in the great big school in the sky!  I relish working them out like a puzzle and once I find the pattern… watch out I make the puzzle complete – goal reached (if I set goals).

I have study many modalities always coming back to soul – This blog is part of that journey.

Enjoy, comment, it is always great to have a discussion.

See you around!  T


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t watch TV either! Sue A to Z on suestrifles.wordpress.com

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