Wisdom is not learned from a book. Wisdom is revealed by our willingness to crack out of our limitations.

Although I will go on from these two simple sentences this is really all that needs to be written about Wisdom.


We come into this world with an inordinate amount of wisdom.  Slowly overtime we forget how to access this wisdom.  As we move further into our lives we begin to believe that it is only through learning and experience that our wisdom develops.  We take courses on ancient philosophy in hopes of developing a storage box of knowledge.  This knowledge, we surmise, will bring to us the wisdom necessary to have long, productive, and happy lives.  We add the assumption that receiving an A+ in the course work will ensure the production of enlightened wisdom.  It is important to read and learn about all the aspects of our life.  It is equally important to not rely on just books to develop our wisdom.

The real wisdom we are seeking is deep within us just waiting for the beginning of a crack.  A very simple crack that allows for a glimmer of light to shine into the darkness.  The dark recesses we have been reluctant to peak into out of fear.  These areas don’t hold boogie men or demons.  They hold an ancient and knowing piece of us.  A piece that once accessed brings forth more life.  This life refuels and gifts us.  It doesn’t run out.  It isn’t expensive.  It is rich with an understanding of purpose, calm, and a love that soothes our aches.


Wisdom comes into us daily.  It is the sunshine that enters our homes nudging us to begin anew.  It is the laughter filled moment.  Even those moments you wished hadn’t come bring wisdom.  A wisdom that nurtures deeper than we are conscious as it works.

It is our reluctance to allow for self guidance that keeps us from reaching into our wisdom.  Our belief that wisdom comes from outside hampers growth and peace.  Inside each of us is the wisdom needed to fulfill our day.  It takes a very small crack in our dogma, patterns, and definitions to allow for the wisdom to breach the dam.  Wisdom doesn’t disappear.  It doesn’t run dry.  It is infinite and always present.  We are ancient spiritual beings carrying deep within us the ability to reach out far into the stars and bring forth wisdom.  It isn’t held from us only to be shared in our elder years.  It is present every day.

Wisdom is blessed and enriched with age.  The years of experiencing the rhythm of life amplifies the wisdom.  In our elder years we have finally obtained ‘permission’ to release the dogma of society and allow our natural state expression.  For some this permission does not come until their call home.  When their death walk begins it leaves precious time for expression and engagement.

Study, learn, and open to the deepness within you to bring forth the wisdom you hold.  Use your wisdom to nourish and create the life you desire.  Allow for the ancient knowledge you carry to gift and fill the world.


Why wait?



14 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Bravo! We often forget about our innate wisdom. You’re right: we should call on it everyday as it will enrich our lives. Great post.

  2. Laura says:

    Beautiful Teri!! Such wisdom…

  3. I really like the depth with which you define wisdom. Your writing is very powerful and provocative. I love that you picked wisdom for W. It is something that I’ve concerned most of my life with as an educator. Thank you Teri!

    • tericonnolly says:

      Thank you very much Stephanie! I wish I would have known at 20 I had access to wisdom. Many decisions would have been different because I would have been different.

  4. Rhonda Parrish says:

    Wisdom certainly can’t be learned from a book, I agree. I also like your assertion that basically we just need to learn to tune out the noise and listen to ourselves.

  5. Lynn Miclea says:

    Love this – great post! I especially love your words, “It is infinite and always present. We are ancient spiritual beings carrying deep within us the ability to reach out far into the stars and bring forth wisdom.” That is really beautiful and touches deep inside. Great writing! 🙂

  6. pat says:

    “always present.” I love that too! Great post Teri!

  7. Damyanti says:

    The real wisdom we are seeking is deep within us just waiting for the beginning of a crack. — SO very true. Thank you for this– just the sort of thing I needed to hear today!

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