O is for Ouch!

For the past several weeks I have been very fortunate to be working part-time at our local nursery.  Per colleagues I hear I am in the prized section called WIP also known as Work in Progress.  I have to agree with them.  I get to help plant all the hanging baskets, the flower bowls and all special orders for their commercial customers.  It is actually a dream come true to be playing in the soil, the sweet aroma of the flowers and the color filled greenhouse.


It is amazing to be surrounded by living, breathing plants after a long winter.  The winter this year has been very long for so many in the US.  In this zone planting is not advisable until after Mother’s Day which may even prove to be to early for 2014 with snow once again forecasted.

With all the beauty and fun I am having there is one item that continues to plague me.  My lower back is having a dialogue all its own.  I am not sure if it is jealous of all the attention the plants are receiving or if it has decided to just be contrary.  I receive great sympathy from my planting buddies even at 19 their backs are behaving the same.  This knowledge is a huge relief.

The stretching, core work, heated rice pads, ibuprofen, and words of love have not made much of a difference.  It must be that my back needs to be heard.  Suppressing a single syllable word has become taxing.  I have decided if I recognized the Ouch in my back perhaps it would cease.  Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

Times up! Heat pad is calling!!



2 thoughts on “O is for Ouch!

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    I feel your pain Girl! I have horrible low back problems and until you’ve actually experienced it, I don’t think one can understand the depth of the pain. I go to a pain management doctor and he has pinpointed most of my pain to be in a sacroilliac region. I get injections into those sites and the relief has been tremendous. That, coupled with pain pills and a clay heating pad, keep the pain to a minimum. Hope you find relief soon. Back pain is not fun! Sending you soothing healing energy…

  2. tericonnolly says:

    Thanks Michelle! I saw my rolfer Sunday, yoga Saturday and Sunday.. Should be back to normal 🙂

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