M is for Memories and Moving on


It seems that in times of loss we are not allowed to sit for long.  Within a short time life starts to pull us forward requiring us to make decisions of movement.  There is a need to fight against this request.  It is almost imperative.  Giving into the forward movement too quickly removes opportunities that will come slamming back.  Rushing headlong back into life can negate all that has been lost.  Refusing to move back into life can reward the insanity of denial.  It is a very delicate balance.

We are gifted with gems, perks if you will, to support us in hitting the right moment to move into the fray of life.  We are not lost forever.  Signs and maps are present.  They often must be dusted off or discovered by seeming accident but they are none-the-less there for the asking.

What are some of these gems, signs, or maps?  They are our memories.  The memory of the first kiss, long overdue birth, the blue ribbon or first home.  Those times of laughter, joy and sorrow.  The first argument although filled with confusing signals is still a memory and useful in our forward journey.  The burnt dinner, experienced as embarrassment, fills your heart with laughter recalling the gulped mouthful.  In the first moments memories almost seem painful but they are opportunities for growth.  They heal your heart when it is broken.  They give you permission to release the anger.  They remind you of the gift of life and its call to return.  They help you to release the attached identity.  They remind you that all is not lost.  They tell you, if you care to listen, what is precious, valuable and rebuilding.

Collage for #AtoZ Challenge

Memories were never meant for lingering in the past.  They were meant to be a map to discovering you and the value of your life.  If you look closely you can see there are not traps or handcuffs built into memories.  They are of our own making.  Look closely, you will see what I mean.  Memories give us permission to move on.  They actually open the door to moving on.  The key is, if we let them speak their purpose and welcome their wisdom, moving back into life is refreshing.  The freshness of a new discovered aspect of you blossoms in a forward motion.  Watch Nature.  It doesn’t move backwards in its memory of growth.  It strikes out brave knowing and trusting the map of its memory.

All life moves forward.  It pauses, reflects, grows, bursts, and then dies to return again.  We seldom give permission to the one facing loss whether it is a life of a loved one, job, position, or sock to move through the natural rhythm of life.  Pushing before it is spring kills the first blooms.  While staying too long in the cave molds life.  Allowing the natural flow, nurturing the tiny buds, quenching the thirst ensures life returns to bloom again.

Life doesn’t just happen.  It is created.  What do you want to create after the storm?  Can you use your memories to guide you to your next deeper journey in life?  Are you willing to move from the cave heeding the call of your battered heart?  Are you willing to allow your memories to soften the jagged edges trusting the openness of your bruised heart to welcome moving on into a stronger brilliant life?

BW Josh 3

I took the chance.  I know there is a brilliance to my life that flows nourishing my jagged heart reminding me that love comes always.  My memories have never faded.  They are refreshed by my willingness to embrace life and live again.


No loss is too great to give up our memories and not move on.





4 thoughts on “M is for Memories and Moving on

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Oh Teri, this is spectacular! So beautifully written and profound. I loved every sentence! I loved the connection you made between nature and memory. And that memories are maps to move us forward. Fabulous! Really excellent piece! And Barbra Streisand was a nice bonus…

    • tericonnolly says:

      Michelle thank you so much! This one just came right behind the heels of the L piece. Writing is so surreal sometimes. Ahh Barbra.. I could here her whispering in my ears as I finished…

  2. Stopping by from the A to Z, wonderful sentiments.

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