It is finally early spring!   What was the first outside activity we all had great fun with after a long winter?

How often do we allow our child-like innocence expression?  Think of someone you admire and marvel do they relish their innocence?  Allowing themselves to soar through life with abandonment to the simple joys present daily?  Even with our children are we allowing them time to express delight at all the stages of their life?  Are we pushing them too hard to success early?  Can they make a kite from scratch?  Can you?  The simple art of kite making and flying is the ability to use our imagination.  Creating joy through the perfection of artistic freedom.  It isn’t about creating a perfect kite.  No, it is about creating through expression of self.  When was the last time you made something very simple from scratch?

Kites remind us of freedom and delight.  Today seeing kites is rare.  Why?  Advancement does not replace spontaneity, joy, childhood, and delightful expression in freedom.  A very simple life brings deep joy, healing, and wisdom.

Take time today and go fly your kite!





6 thoughts on “Kites

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    You would love the Austin kite festival. Every year the Zilker (Park) Kite Festival attracts over 20,000 people! It’s a huge and longstanding event: for the first time ever, since 1929, it was cancelled this year due to inclement weather. We had alot of rain and they knew it would do too much damage to the park. Austin is really big on preserving its parks and wildlife! I love to watch kites soar. What a fun post!

  2. tericonnolly says:

    Sounds fantastic! I love flying kites and the freedom of delight as they nearly crash over and over again.

  3. rolandclarke says:

    Flying a kite was such fun when I was younger… maybe I should try again – as long as there were no trees. Love the Mary Poppins video – great memories.

  4. WriterlySam says:

    I loved this! My two little girls and I have a fondness for kites *and Mary Poppins* I agree, the greatest delight can be found in the simplest of treasures:)
    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

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