I is for …… I




The poor letter I takes a beating every time we think we need to fix ourselves.  Why do we do that?  Isn’t there something good about I?

Apart from all the self indulgent, narcissistic crap that we see each day, let’s for a moment really concentrate on I.  There is a way to reflect and focus on ourselves without becoming a true drain on our souls and society.

For one minute focus on what I has to offer the world.  Could your love of self expression in nature bring a deep fulfilling quality to the world and help it to heal?  Could your ability to sit and see your I as it truly is be beneficial to someone?

We think now that to be reflective and caring of ourselves is dangerous and arrogant.  So many times that reflection is stopped because our refusal to care for self is blocked.  Narcissistic behavior showing up in the world is only a barometer to help us measure.  Is our self care expressing itself at the detriment of others?  Actually if you are being narcissistic your would not even reflect on how your are showing up to the world…  you would show up louder and not care.

Viewing your I as a loving, nurturing part of a valued society will bring forth a new caring world.  Take care of your I.  Give it love and a place to contribute to the world through self expression.  Help the world see their I‘s as valuable.




2 thoughts on “I is for …… I

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    I like this! You’re right: we so often stop caring for I because it seems selfish. Great points here. And I love that photo of the I sculpture! Way cool.

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