“Suddenly as I round the bend it is in sight, the gate, finally I can feel home.”


How often do we seek the sign that we are home, safe, troubles released, soon to be fed, home?  What does the gate beckon for us?  Is it a sense of safety from the world?  Does it allow the world just in but not completely meeting us at the door?


Gates are stoic, inviting, or menacing fixtures to our world.  The gate is the original welcome to our personal space.  It allows for a hint of invite without allowing a take over.  Gates keep you safe while allowing freedom of movement and the deep final safety of the door.  The gate carries both feminine or masculine energy.  Its femininity allows for a touch of compassion and beauty.  Hinting that perhaps there is even more beauty just beyond your reach.  Masculine gates admonish you to ask permission first then enter.  It commands you to present your best.  The inner child of gate entices you to whimsical play while his older sibling requires your Sunday best.

Gates are more expansive than a door.  They gift the world with a hint of you while creating the mood for the final destination.  Gates are versatile.  While originally created to keep the world a safe distance from you they can also keep you away from the world and its splendors.  They carry a message out to the world of what lies deeper either beckoning or repelling.  At night they stand as stewards to your protection, daring anyone to come closer, always giving the alert with a distinct sound.

So what does your gate keep in or out?  What does it say about your?  Is it in need of compassion and care?



2 thoughts on “Gates

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    What an In-depth view of gates. I never thought of them specifically like that before. You’re so right about them giving a hint of what lies beyond, yet the gate provides the shield to protect what’s inside and only those invited in can partake. I have two gates on my property and both are locked. They are part of the privacy fence. And being that they stay locked (because of the dogs) I always feel safe and secure and know that my backyard world is mine and I am free behind the gates. I love your piece. It’s making me think of something so ordinary in an extraordinary light. Nice!

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