Many hundreds of years ago there were only 3 colors in the crayon box.  They named these colors primary.  Everyone carried one of those colors inside them.  The world asked the people to gather as green, blue, or red.  If it was your day for your color to shine everything and everyone was at your command.  All the other colors had to sit back and watch, no mingling was allowed.

Relaxation and healthy activities led the way for the Green day. It was a time for enjoying the outdoors and mingling, giving everyone an opportunity to understand what brought them physical enjoyment.  When the Blue people gathered the day was filled with a calmness and introspection.  Sitting often to reflect on the beauty of the world around them, incorporating that gratitude into their daily interactions with other Colors.  it was decided that after the Red’s day, Blue would follow to allow everyone to recover.  RedHand holding crayons was the busiest day filled with passion, desire, competition, and first brave steps.  Upon close inspection it was discovered that so many children where born 9 months after a Red day.  When the question of moving from days to weeks came up everyone decided it may prove too much to have a week of Red.  The years and decades went on as planned with each color gathering on schedule.

During a particularly cold winter, Red was being incredibly seductive and a Blue was drawn immediately to the dance.  Knowing that it was strictly forbidden to fraternize with the other colors he struck out anyway and caught the attention of Miss Red.  She was the most composed of all the dancers.  Even so she wiggled a little longer at the right moments.  Blue thinking she was doing this just for him grew braver.  Winking over her shoulder, Miss Red beckoned Blue to follow.  This seduction continued over several months until finally in May they bravely crossed the barrier.  Trying desperately to hide their secret, they no longer saw each other, yet promising that somehow some way they would be together.

As the time drew neigh, Miss Red having suffered gravely for her single motherhood, grew elated that the day was near.  The moment arrived when the new baby was born.  A gasp rose from the attending doctor and the nurses stared in disbelief.  Unable to control herself, Miss Red demanded to see her baby.  As they rose holding the child as if it was an alien, Miss Red’s eyes filled with tears.  There in front of her was a precious reflection of his eyes, her mouth and the blending of the two strongest qualities of themselves.  Their ability to confront long worn out standards and see the beauty brought to them and this world a new crayon ~ Purple.  Noticing how much love Miss Red had for this child, they began to accept this little one and ask the questions, she had hoped to avoid.  No longer able to hide her secret, she bravely stood her ground and shared her story.  Young Blue stood watching from the doors window.  His desire to hold his little one and stand beside Miss Red overcame his reluctance, quietly he entered the delivery room.  Words of shock and much shooing could not curtail him.  Together, Miss Red & Blue faced the questions still coming at them.

Eventually word got out of the new color.  How could one Purple have a day everyone worried?  It didn’t stop there.  With this new dilemma they called a special council of the highest members of each color.  They deliberated for weeks.  Behind their closed doors the world changed and 9 months later a new color was born ~ Yellow.  No one could explain this not even its parents – both Greens. The world was changing.  Everyone was crossing the line and bringing new colors into the world.

Finally Miss Red came forward and asked if she could speak ~ “Take time to get to know your inner color.  Inside each of us is our own personal crayon. It matches our personalities.  Allow it to mix with what else is in you and others.  Give yourself permission to express your box of color to the world.  It is waiting.”

And that is how we got 64, 72, 80, 96…. 133 colors!


C Copyright © 2014 Teri Connolly. All Rights Reserved



13 thoughts on “Crayon

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. So much about it I love. I love the social commentary of interracial relationships, I love the “get to know your inner color”, I love “allow it to mix…express your box of color to the world”… This is so beautifully done, like a fine orchestra, it sings to me… Love!!

  2. internetreviewofbooks says:

    Hi! I’m stopping by for the A-Z Challenge. Nice commentary on mixing colors. I have fond memories of my Crayola days.

  3. cvail says:

    I like it. If only our whole world worked that way! Great C post!

  4. Lynn Miclea says:

    Beautiful and colorful, I love honoring the color we have inside us, no matter what that color is, and shining that out into the world. Great post! 🙂

    • tericonnolly says:

      Thanks Lynn. Studying color and how it feels to you Then applying that to a person can really help I think to see them differently.. in another light. Of course we have all the usual, ‘green with envy’ ‘feeling blue’ etc 🙂

  5. renatabu says:

    I had so much fun reading this and it brought back fond memories. Great creativity!

  6. WOW. Such imagination. You have inspired me to be more creative Wirth my pieces. It’s a beautiful lesson and story. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.

  7. Reblogged this on Stories Of My Dreams and commented:
    Check out this story/lesson. I love it.

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