Adam’s Apple

Beginning today, 4/1/14, and no it is not an April Fool’s joke, I will be blogging everyday on a subject starting with a letter of the alphabet ~ A-Z.  It was suggested I pick a theme and not being one to really follow directions completely, I don’t have one.  I have written down a word or phrase for each letter as they came to me… could be a theme … definitely a challenge!  Hope you enjoy.


“It is obvious to me that you have no idea what is possible,” glaring she reached high grasping the object just out of reach,  “if you had paid attention we wouldn’t be here now.”  Stomping she left him stranded on the doorstep.

Red appleIt seems like lately the doorstep was where he found himself with her not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, just an irritation.  He had paid attention.

Scouring the pages of his memory there wasn’t even a hint of solution in them.  He was beginning to think she was making the entire thing up.  The shiny item
had become her obsession, damn it, not his.  All he wanted was to be left alone.  Always thinking and planning were not his cup of tea, no, that was all her.  Traveling, pondering, investigating why things did what they did were his passions.  She needed to be seen, admired, sought after to be happy.  It was time.  So many years had been spent chasing after her and what she wanted.  No starting today he was just going to sit here in the shade and enjoy his shiny red apple.  Today he was going to do what he wanted. He was going to figure out why these apples were the best in this garden.

How many times have we found ourselves supporting someone else’s dream, their desire to climb after the shiny object,  allowing them to direct where our passions should lie, pushing us to circumvent our dreams, our desires?  Allowing ourselves to be silent and driven along the path of our life leaves us wanting and stagnant.

Be brave, find your tree, sit under it and enjoy your shiny apple.  It isn’t a sin.



Copyright © 2014 Teri Connolly. All Rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Adam’s Apple

  1. I think your MC and my husband would have lots to talk about.
    Welcome to A-Z and good luck.

  2. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Teri! Your last line really drove it home: “…enjoy your shiny apple. It isn’t a sin.” Amen!!!

  3. melinda says:

    Great closing line. Lots to think about in this post. Looking forward to B, etc.!

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