What brings me soul moments….

A friend recently posted a lovely FB picture with short paragraph called, Random Moments.  It got me thinking.  What are my random moments…

Looking out into the dark night to the immense sky filled with twinkling stars as evening prayers are said, morning coffee in the quiet darkness knowing the deer still sleep outside my window, hearing the wind chime ringing in the evening wind as I drift off to sleep.. ❤  Glancing out my office window to the hills across the street to spot the deer playing along the trail to where ever it is they go all in a city of 65000 people..Blessed!

And then I thought that is a canned response.  Not that those moments aren’t soul moments just that they have become the standard.  What about this morning when I looked out the kitchen window way past sunrise, late for me, a spied a chubby brown Buddha sitting on the corner of the shed looking at me creating a triangle from St. Francis to himself to me….knowing that I never put a Buddha there, thinking perhaps my friend who had mowed the lawn left me a gift.  After sitting with the unexplained gift for a minute finally realizing that the chubby little Buddha was a chubby little squirrel.  Totally out of character sitting quietly not moving a muscle.  Now that’s a soul moment.


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